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» Whitaker Muller

Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Switch Insurance Advisors

December 17, 2019

Customer service and solutions-based care should be the cornerstone of the relationship with your insurance advisor. After all, you trust them to manage your risks and handle questions and claims as they arise. If your insured-to-insurer relationship isn’t top notch, there’s a good chance your coverage isn’t either. Consider these tell-tale signs that it’s time …

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Six Sources for Individual Health Coverage

October 3, 2019

Individual health insurance is health coverage that is purchased by an individual or a family and is not tied to a job or a group of policyholders. Many people get health insurance through their employers. If you do not participate or your employer does not offer coverage, obtaining individual insurance is a good route to …

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Insurance 101 – Coverage for College Students

August 6, 2019

Your child is headed off to college. Congrats! It took a lot of hard work to get here, but you’re not off the hook yet. Is your college student’s insurance coverage up to date? Whether your child is attending a community college across town or moving across the country, it’s important to make sure your …

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Gear Up with Motorcycle Safety Tips

July 15, 2019

Motorcycles can bring riders closer to nature, but they can also bring riders closer to other motorists and the road itself. Whether you’re taking a cross-country trip on two wheels, commuting, or out for a local cruise, you should acquire insurance coverage for yourself and your passengers, your motorcycle and accessories, and potential liability claims …

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