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Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)

Most commonly referred to as a PEO, Professional Employer Organizations from Whitaker Muller allows companies to outsource HR, payroll, workers’ compensation, and compliance duties.

By reducing headaches and time spent dealing with red tape, PEOs position companies for several benefits compared to in-house administration of similar services including:

  • Money and time savings as a result of outsourcing.
  • Increased employee attraction and retention due to benefit offerings.
  • Reduced liability and up-to-date regulation information.

PEOs are ideal for small or start-up companies on the verge of expansion as well as larger companies with complex hiring processes or a lot of turn-over or short-term workers. Time can be focused on a company and its future rather than juggling complicated administrative duties and studying ever-changing regulations.

Available Assistance

With hundreds of PEO providers available, Whitaker Muller can help select the best provider based on a company’s current situation and long-term goals. Our points of comparison include:

  • Pricing Structure and Fees
  • Streamlined Application Process
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Accessibility and Location
  • Industry Experience
  • Customer Service

Leave the HR and payroll tasks to the professionals so you can nurture your business! Contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can find the best PEO for your situation.


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