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» Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Switch Insurance Advisors

December 17, 2019


people having a meetingCustomer service and solutions-based care should be the cornerstone of the relationship with your insurance advisor. After all, you trust them to manage your risks and handle questions and claims as they arise.

If your insured-to-insurer relationship isn’t top notch, there’s a good chance your coverage isn’t either. Consider these tell-tale signs that it’s time to find a new advisor to ensure your risk management plan is matched with comprehensive solutions from a relationship-based, local team.

What to Watch For

At Whitaker Muller, we treat your concerns and claims as attentively as we would our own. Contact us if you experience any of the following signs that it’s time to switch insurance advisors.

  • Frustrating Communication – When you have a question or a claim, leaving multiple messages and waiting days for a response is frustrating. This communication lull may also be potentially costly. These delays put you at risk for mishandled claims as well.
  • One-Sided Timing – Some advisors only reach out around renewal time then disappear again. By only touching base when the timing is in their favor, they are missing the full picture. Your changing needs may go unnoticed. That’s why your advisor should be proactive, making sure they have their finger on the pulse of your personal and business needs. This approach helps them anticipate changes based on growth, goals, or other impacts to your risk portfolio.
  • Complicated Processes – A responsible advisor will only recommend applicable policies. This helps reduce excessive and complicated legwork for you. Also beware of those requiring in-office visits for information that could be transmitted via email or phone.
  • Missing Information – Understanding your insurance options and coverage shouldn’t be a guessing game. Advisors who are too technical can cause confusion and frustration while others leave questions unanswered or gloss over important details.
  • More Than a Sale – If you think your advisor is more focused on the sale than service, it may be time to look for a more reasonable, relationship-focused risk management provider.
  • Disappointing Coverage – If you realize your coverage isn’t what you expected in the midst of a claims process, it’s already too late. Whether before, during, or after a claim, advisors should operate as your advocate, matching solutions to your risk management needs. Failing to secure and explain adequate offerings or provide customer-focused service could create a false sense of security.

Make the Switch

Whitaker Muller is a local insurance agency with community ties and comprehensive offerings. As an Acrisure Agency Partner, we are also backed by a global network of carriers and staff dedicated to finding the best solution for you.

With an agnostic carrier philosophy, we work to secure the best solution possible. We thrive on relationships and truly listen. Our team acts as an extension of your business and household, understanding your goals and challenges to create solutions that protect and contribute to your success. Contact us today to see if we are a good fit for your personal and commercial insurance needs. You won’t be disappointed!

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